Thank you for your support, Umatilla County!

Running to be one of your County Commissioners has been a great life experience and I could not be more proud of the campaign. I have made friends, enjoyed travels around our region, and I have a much deeper understanding of the issues we face.

Although the outcome of the election is not finalized, it is not going the way I was working for. However, I have always believed things work out the way they are supposed to, and I can’t wait for what’s next.

Working with others to achieve community goals and help people be the best they can be has and always will be my motiviation.

Thank you for all your support and a campaign we can all be proud of!

Smart Economic Development.
Responsible Leadership.
Better Quality of Life.
Elect Susan Bower – Umatilla County Commissioner

An Interview with Susan Bower

EO Talks 10-22-2022 EOAlive News Director Alex McHaddad interviews Susan Bower about her campaign for Umatilla County Commissioner.

I’m ready to be your next Umatilla County Commissioner.

My family and I have been proud to call Umatilla County home for nearly 20 years. I have worked with every county community including the Confederated Tribes as a business owner, a strategic planner, fund raiser, and teacher. I know and love the area, understand our needs, have a deep respect for our history, and am invigorated by its future possibilities. 

I am energized by working side by-side with people to identify opportunities, understand the root cause of problems, and implement solutions that make a difference.  I have a strong business background with responsibility for a $25 million budget and a team of 400 employees. I have the experience and leadership style we need in Umatilla County to successfully make decisions that positively shape our future. 

From day one as your Umatilla County Commissioner, I will proudly represent our County’s residents and businesses and build strong relationships with regional partners. I am a collaborative leader with a county-wide vision and a forward focus on what we need to do to make living in Umatilla County better now and in the future.

What people are saying about Susan

“Susan is smart and talented. She will focus on any problem and get things done. As a contracted consultant to the commissioners, she was instrumental in helping us move ahead.”

“I have full faith that Susan Bower is the right person for the job. Her commitment to community, years of business experience, and her work throughout the county will allow her to hit the ground running on day one. Susan will absolutely make Umatilla County a better place to live, work, and raise children.”

“If you want a County Commissioner committed to running our county like a business, not big government, vote for Susan Bower. If you want county employees to treat you like you are the one who pays their wages and for their benefits, vote for Susan Bower. If you want strong leadership, then for goodness sake, vote for Susan Bower!”

“I know from my experience in working with Susan Bower that she will do all she can to promote and propel Umatilla County in a positive direction. Her kind, positive, can-do attitude is only the cherry on top.”

“I find Susan to be very professional and her willingness to listen to different solutions was never in question as we forged to complete the vision.”

“Susan has been a remarkable and wonderful asset to Umatilla County, and our local business community has grown thanks to Susan and her knowledge.”

“We urge you to help elect Susan Bower for County Commissioner. She is a good person. As a commissioner she will put the interests and needs of the people of Umatilla County first. The county will be well-served by her demonstrated leadership in planning, economic development, and management. Join us in voting for Susan Bower!”

“I think [Susan Bower] will make one of the best County Commissioners we’ve seen since George Murdock.”

“Susan Bower is the only qualified candidate for Commissioner position 1. Her home-grown business experience, learning about and establishing new policies in our county government has resulted in higher economic and ethical standards in our current county policies.

Most importantly, she carries the input of everyone around her, without the pitfalls of partisan gain. The challenges we face in Umatilla County are not necessarily partisan, and Susan Bower is able to attack complex problems without succumbing to outside influence. She already serves our residents with the brightest intelligence and listens to our public needs in a way we could’ve only hoped for previously.”


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