Smart Economic Development

Successful economic development creates jobs, generates taxes to fund needed infrastructure such as county roads and water systems, properly provides emergency services and other services to county residents. I believe in a county government that is supportive of a positive environment for all residents including businesses from small and family owned to medium and large industry.

SMART growth comes about when:  Regional Growth is Sustainable, Makes sense with available resources, is Aligned/achievable, has Regional benefits, and has a True positive impact.

Responsible Leadership

Umatilla County government is a major employer providing critical services like public safety, public health, infrastructure, and elections. The County’s Employees are its greatest asset in providing the relevant, superior quality county services and programs we deserve. I have the proven experience to provide responsible oversight and professional support to create successful results from all county programs.

Better Quality of Life for All Residents

I will continue to work tirelessly to make Umatilla County a place where people want to live, work, and raise their children. This requires wisely using tax dollars to invest in programs with long-term approaches to diversifying housing options, improving public safety by having more, well trained fire, paramedic, and police personnel, and proactively addressing homelessness and education.  I will also support local efforts to implement viable water infrastructure projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am running to become one of the three Umatilla County Board of County Commissioners who lead the county government by approving budgets, hiring an overseeing staff and setting county policies that support all of us.

Umatilla County Commissioner is a non-partisan elected office, but I am a registered Republican.

I own and manage Eastern Oregon Business Source, a company that focuses on community development, strategic planning, funding, workforce training and project management.

I graduated from John Carroll University with a Master of Business Administration in 1998.

I have over 30 years of administrative and leadership experience, including almost a decade as a consultant to the County on personnel and economic development.  The decisions we make today will affect future generations.  I want to insure we make the right decisions for all of us to benefit now and in the future.

I have the proven executive business experience being responsible for large budgets and hundreds of personnel, have years of experience working with Umatilla County as a strategic advisor and have a leadership style to make the most of the County’s resources.

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